About the Company

AS Restor has been successfully operating on the construction market of Estonia since 1990 already.
Today we offer design, construction, reconstruction, renovation and restoration services. We also offer inspiring real estate development and investment projects, as well as interesting flats.

During the years of our activity we have always tried to offer a complex service from design to accomplishment and brought new engineering and technical thinking into Estonian construction, using the best technologies from current time and the past.

Our hard-working staff comprises professional architects, engineers, project managers and site managers with higher education and long-term working practice, as well as professional trained workers. Altogether this makes approximately 80 specialists.

Each client's investment in construction is, as a rule, long-term, reasoned and therefore especially important. We try to help with accomplishing it, using our best skills and principles.

Our principles are:

  • Maximum reckoning with the client's wishes.
  • Giving advice to lower the cost of projects, but not on account of quality.
  • Completeness of the set of offered works, project management, organizing all works.
  • Flexible and fast responding to the clients new ideas.
  • Operative design of individual solutions if necessary and performance of the works.

Following these principles throughout the time of our activity has brought us many clients from Estonia, USA, Italy, UK, Germany, Finland etc. We have also fulfilled several orders on foreign markets and made co-operation in Norway, Portugal, Finland and Denmark.

Positive feedback received from our clients and their satisfaction has provided us with the knowledge that we are doing the right thing. This gives us confidence to continue with the same principles and convictions in the future and further develop together with our clients.